Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup

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Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup

Join Hands With Professional Team For Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup

Canon is one of the remarkable brands which is known worldwide for producing the genuine and exceptional printers of top-notch quality. The first-rate brand has ruled the printing industry for several years. Canon printer delivers the ample of printers of different range for office or home use. Your essential tasks that you are accustomed to can be instantly completed with the help of canon printers with total driven characteristics.

Though, just like any other printer device, Canon printers do have some snags associated with it. There are several glitches/errors you may face while using your printer or generally starting using the printer during the time. But there is nothing to be concerned either.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup With Ample Of Options

Canon Printer gives exceptional options to print from mobile or your P.C. at your convenience. Enjoy the printing with exceptional advantages with Canon Pixma Wireless Setup. Connect your Canon Printer on a wireless network. Get cable-free and share the Printer from anywhere. Add convenience and simplicity for your printing needs. Go for the Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup.

Guidelines for Printer Setup

  • Unbox the Printer and check the accessories.
  • Place your Canon Printer on a flat surface.
  • Now, remove all the tapes and packaging material from Printer.
  • Insert the paper in the paper tray
  • Plugin your Canon printer.
  • Turn on the Printer
  • Install the ink cartridges
  • You are done with first time Canon Printer Setup.

Download Printer Drivers For Canon Printer

  • You can download the printer drivers for Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup by visiting the Canon Support page.
  • Proceed with the installation part, once downloading is over.
  • After that, configure the connection method between your Printer and pc.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • However, the installation may vary according to O.S.

Procedure for Printer Setup

Connect your Canon printer wirelessly using WPS method

  • Turn on your Canon Printer.
  • Enable the WPS option on your Printer.
  • WPS button is present on the rear of the router. Tap the button.
  • Canon setup by Wi-Fi method
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the control panel of your Printer, until the light starts to flash.
  • Now Press the Color and Wi-Fi button at the same time.
  • Next, connect your Printer to the network of your router.
  • Install the driver software on your computer. Go through the instructions on the screen. Choose the connection method as wireless.
  • Provide the network name and password of the router when the system prompts.
  • Make sure that the Printer and computer are connected to the same router.

Likewise, Canon Printer has the option to print documents or photos from Apple devices using the Air Print feature, and it provides the option to print photos and documents from cloud storage through the goggle cloud printer setup for Canon Printer.

I hope the above procedures for wireless Setup provide great help to you for setting your Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup wirelessly. You can also connect with our techies available round the clock for your support for Canon printer Setup.